I'm still pretty pissed at her for this.
  1. Teddy Ruxpin
    Ok. If you never had one of these I feel sorry for you. His mouth moved with the tapes and I saw salt and sugar under a microscope and he even played my favorite tapes (like the Dirty Dancing soundtrack).
  2. Yum Yums
    I had the grape and the mint chocolate chip. I can still remember how they smelled. I had too many stuffed animals ok.
  3. The Best of Disney Vol 1 & 2
    Ok guys can I tell you how fucking long it's taken me to track these fuckers down?? I couldn't remember what they were called for the past 20 years. I'm now on a hunt for them. I self taught myself a minuscule amount of piano to these things. They were so perfect. I need them back.
  4. Alphie II
    I barely remember what this thing did. I just remember games and the fact that his face lit up.
  5. Leonardo
    I remember taking him in to kindergarten for show and tell. I had him for fucking ever and then one day he was gone.
  6. Alf
    One of my favorite shows of all time. He's my spirit animal and where I got my sense of humor.
  7. Lite Brite
    THIS WAS THE DOPEST SHIT. I think they still make them? I'm tempted to buy another just to have it.
  8. Nintendo
    Honestly, I think my mom played on this more than me so I don't understand why she'd throw this away???