@meg1 is fucking brilliant. So, therefore, I'm inspired.
  1. Dry Shampoo 101
    Look like you've showered without ever actually showering.
  2. How To Bullshit 200
    Want to talk your way out of a cardboard box? Talk circles around others until they are utterly confused and agree with you? This course will give you the skills to do that.
  3. Pop Punk Rock Studies
    Centers on early 2000s Drive-Thru Records Era.
  4. Dating Profiles 300
    Final project: Apply learned skills on JDate. Students will be graded on received responses and number of nude requests.
  5. Does Everyone Hate Me? Am I Not Aware Of How Annoying I Am?
    Online class, only available on Friday nights from 7-Midnight.
  6. Catching Someone In A Lie 600
    Advanced course for those who have completed How to Google, Password Breaking. This class is a pre-requisite for How to Always Find Out Everything.
  7. Seminar: iPhone Battery Efficiency
    Oh you're at 27% and need to make your phone last another 4 hours? I've got you.
  8. Overthinking 300
    The wheels in your brain will never stop turning.
  9. Twin Deciphering: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
    Students will view every MKA movie ever made. Final exam will be multiple choice.