Requested by @k8mcgarry
BACKSTORY: ok so, I JUST RECENTLY moved to Pittsburgh (like 2 months ago) and therefore have not seen everything I want to see yet so this is a mediocre compilation of the places I've actually been to and liked.
  1. Jerry's Records
    I found this gem by doing a Google search and because Rolling Stone named it "one of the best record stores in the USA - September 2010" I decided to hit it up. The classical and holiday sections are fucking huge and I found some awesome Vivaldi recordings so, I loved it.
  2. Hofbräuhaus
  3. Howl at the Moon
    Had a really fucking ridiculous and fucked up night here the other weekend. I've been to the one in Baltimore before but prefer this one. Loved dancing and the music as it was people actually playing it and not a jukebox. Tried to skip out on my tab. Definitely woke up still drunk the next morning.
  4. Steel Cactus
    Most of my friends live in Shadyside so this is a favorite spot because of the food and margaritas. The top deck is fucking cool with a great view of the Apple Store.
  5. Penn Brewery
    Spent Oktoberfest here this year. Drank half gallons of beer. Noticed for the first time that this is where the attractive men of Pittsburgh hang out.
  6. Caliban Book Shop
    I am obsessed with this place. It's fucking beautiful. Has an awesome record store inside too. I spent almost 5 hours here the first time. I really love Oakland and am sad I don't live there.
  7. The Yard
    Another Shadyside favorite because... BOTTOMLESS MIMOSAS (from 10am-4pm)!!!! Food is also fucking so good and their selection of grilled cheese is immense. Nice beer list too.
  8. Cornerstone
    They honestly have the best brunch around. If you've never been and you're in the area I really suggest you go. Also, try the truffle bruschetta mmmm, so good.
  9. Rivertowne Brewing Company
    It's worth the trip out of the city for their Headless Wylie especially if you like pumpkin beer. It's a quaint little spot and they have pizza. Spent a lot of nights here my first few weeks in town.
  10. Oakland Bakery
    I'm not much on cakes and sweets and shit but their macaroons are AMAZING. Plus I love looking at all this shit I'd never eat just cause it's so pretty.