"I got a lotta problems with you people, and you're going to hear about it!"
  1. @DanaDigsYou: Why are you so fucking awesome? Seriously, tone it the fuck down so the rest of us can shine.
  2. @k8mcgarry: You're too fucking cute and sweet. Knock it the fuck off, it makes me sick. But keep it up cause it gives me hope for the future.
  3. @olive: You cool fucking original bitch, I swear to god. I'm gonna illuminati you. Fuck.
  4. @stars: STOP IT, WIFEY BITCH. I can't stop loving you and I have no idea what the fuck to do.
  5. @biz: I have a serious girl crush on you and I didn't know it until you changed your avatar. I'm still kinda pissed about it.
  6. @jakebrandman & @Jac: You adorable fucks. Please never stop being cute and crazy.
  7. @list: Seriously, fuck you for creating this amazing application that has taken over my life. I use it more than anything. IT'S FUCKING GREAT. THANK YOU.
  8. @e: Why the fuck haven't we hung out yet? Are you too cool with your dogs??? Pittsburgh meet up, please????
  9. @TQ: You need to try Match.com. The girls on there will appreciate you more. I'm sending you good vibes man.
  10. @saytrumbo: You're too fucking cool. Tone it down. Making me feel bad about myself over here on the east coast.
  11. @chriscady: Your fucking mom popped out not one BUT TWO GENETICALLY PERFECT HUMAN INDIVIDUALS? Go fuck yourself, you're amazing.
  12. @aprilkquioh: I FUCKING LOVE YOU. You fucking adorable bitch. My everything.