Requested by @stars
I'm so glad you asked, wifey. So so glad.
  1. The day started off mild. The weather in Pennsylvania has been warmer than usual.
  2. Thus giving me the urge to emerge from my cocoon of compression leggings and hoodies.
  3. So I agreed to meet my friends for drinks.
  4. This means I have to put makeup on.
  5. I have a system.
  6. By the end of the system I need to curl my lashes.
  7. I have really long and dark lashes.
    Au natural.
  8. NOW the thing is... I'm clumsy af.
  9. Like, for no reason I'll twitch or smack myself or hurt myself somehow.
  10. It's a curse.
  11. Whilst curling my lashes I TWITCHED.
  12. AND UNFORTUNATELY my motor skills failed me and I didn't release pressure on the curler and
  14. It was seriously... Fucking clumps of my eyelashes sticking to the curler.
  15. I wanted to cry.
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    @DanaDigsYou and @k8mcgarry were the first people I told.
  16. I was honestly surprised that my eyelid wasn't profusely bleeding.
  17. It was tingling like a mofo.
  18. I told everyone that talked to me for the next two days asking if it's noticeable.
  19. I have this on the way from Amazon.
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    I read every review on every possible product for a solution.
  20. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it works.
  21. And that's how you successfully rip your own eyelashes out.