My first first date three months after a relationship that lasted a few years too long had officially ended. A few drinks and a hockey game.
  1. Did I look cute enough?
  2. He talked a lot so did he think I talked too much?
  3. I don't know shit about hockey but maybe I pulled enough knowledge out of my ass to seem like I knew something?
  4. I didn't feel completely awkward hanging out one on one with someone new, but did he?
    It didn't seem like it but he could just be really good at faking it.
  5. Was mentioning anal not a good first date topic?
    This naturally came up while talking about his job.
  6. Why do I feel sad?
  7. Three, somewhat chaste, kisses before heading home, were they only because he could tell I wanted to or because he wanted to?
  8. What would an unbiased opinion say?
  9. Was there too much playful banter? Is that what you do on first dates?
  10. If he really had a good time would he have driven me home himself instead of letting me take Uber?
    The line between good time and likes me is very thin.
  11. Do I really want to waste my time with someone who doesn't believe we've had contact with aliens?
    Things got tense here. I'm not sure how someone can be so obtuse in this century over aliens.
  12. Did I swear too much?
    This sailor mouth isn't for everyone.
  13. Why the fuck am I sad?? I rocked that first date?
  14. Am I actually ready for dating again?
    Yes, you twat.
  15. Is "me too!" really signifying the good time you had?
    Advice on this please.
  16. Am I actually cut out for dating?
  17. Should I even bother to text him back?
    I will be analyzing everything I can clearly remember until one of us caves.
  18. Will this all seem clearer in the morning after the alcohol wears off?
  19. Maybe this was nothing more than just a really good first date?
    Or even a really good hang out?
  20. Wouldn't I just know and not have so many girly questions about a guy I barely know?
  21. Am I going to feel like this every time??