Not previously mentioned in my prior ghost story list. Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. The building my ex-boyfriend lived in at the time was old, probably one of the oldest buildings in my hometown.
    It used to be the meeting places for the Jaycees, then a swing club, currently a bar and there were room upon rooms and a weird, haunting feeling to the entire place.
  2. It had the feeling like time never stopped there.
    Where distantly, still in the dusty corners you can hear trumpets blast and see men twirl women around as they forgot about the war going on outside of the walls. Disco music emulated from the large, mirrored ball hanging high above the floor.
  3. The people who now worked there never wanted to go aroubd alone to move a keg or grab a case of vodka. They always felt as if they weren’t alone.
  4. My night had gone on much like the weekends usually do when you’re in your early 20s.
  5. But I was of sound body and mind when this occurred.
  6. We had started to feel odd earlier in the evening before our senses had been altered by chemicals.
    Things seemed off. It was colder in spots than it was the rest of the rooms.
  7. The feeling of being touched occurred to me more than once.
  8. I said loudly, to myself, “stop. Leave me alone. I don’t want you to touch me. I know you’re here but don’t do that.”
    This usually works in my favor. Being forceful but accepting. Letting it know that I also know. But in this instance it did not work.
  9. Passing out came later. My sleep, however, was not restful.
  10. I had awoken out of a dead sleep to find myself paralyzed. I was too afraid to open my eyes and find something I didn’t want to see standing above me, just inches away from my face.
    Because that's exactly what it felt like. Something staring down at me, unwilling to stop.
  11. I honestly tried to move, to wake up my boyfriend next to me. I couldn’t. But it was too strong of a feeling to believe that. It felt horrible, evil.
  12. Almost as if I was trying to take something very dear to me. Trying to take my soul.
    I shit you not.
  13. I laid there for what seemed like an hour. Until finally, the feeling subsided and I opened my eyes to an empty room, my body finally capable of movement.
  14. Most people call these “night terrors” but I have never experienced one of those. This was the first and only instance in which I had ever found myself in this situation.