After finding an article talking about how to know if you've actually been visited by a dead family member, I've decided to finally share a few of my experiences with the paranormal (one of my favorite things to have conversations about).
  1. Actually being "attacked" by something I couldn't see
    I was sleeping over at a friend's house in her bed, she was in the living room. As I tried to fall asleep I felt pressure around my neck and pushing against my shoulder. I was sure I wasn't imagining it, laying there thinking "is this all you got?" This is why I say "attacked." My mom didn't believe me when I told her. The same thing happened to my friend's mom the next night.
  2. September 2001
    Was a hard month. My dad's mother passed away. I saw my dad cry for the second time in my whole life and my little sister was inconsolable. Being who I am, I played the rock. Putting my own feelings aside for the sake of comforting others. The guilt of not being sad enough followed me. I dreamt my grandmother came to me in a coffin/spaceship. Telling me "it's ok, I understand" in the foyer of my house. Soon after, along with my guilt, she disappeared.
  3. The cowboy
    For years there's been something following me around. Different places I've lived this gentleman in a wide-brimmed hat will make himself known. At times I've seen him sitting in corners, peeking around door frames. My ex actually saw him get up from the couch beside me and walk in another room, thinking it was me the whole time. He seems more protective, only coming around when I'm emotionally weak.
  4. Pennhurst State School
    Traveling through the tunnels that connect the buildings at their Halloween attraction. I was overcome with lethargy. Almost as if I was a drugged patient being moved. One of the actors even reached out to touch me and I just slowly looked at him, not even spooked at all. That's the only time that I've felt feelings that aren't my own.