1. Evenly folded pant cuffs.
  2. Pulling stray hairs off someone's back.
  3. Finding a porn worth watching on the home page.
    I don't need you, page two.
  4. Fresh flannel.
    Cozy fucking shit right there
  5. Going somewhere and not seeing anyone I know.
    Oh, the feeling of being incognito, I love you
  6. Getting +85% sleep quality sleep.
  7. When my art turns out the way I want it.
    Hey brain and hands, I'm glad you two can actually work together for once!
  8. Nailing someone.
    Usually when first meeting them. Nothing like guessing a person without even knowing them. Makes them feel like we've got something magical going on.
  9. Going to bed exhausted.
    No running thoughts, no overthinking, just peaceful temporary unconsciousness delivered instantaneously with the feel of my pillow against my face.
  10. Free drinks!!!!
    BEING A CHICK IS AWESOME! Bring on the shots!
  11. When my brain and mouth work in unison.
    Oh hey, what the fuck, you guys can work together efficiently too??
  12. People who teach me something new.
  13. Someone picking exactly what I'm hungry for for dinner with out me saying anything.
    Fuck, I love not having to think for myself for a minute
  14. Getting into a really good shuffle so I don't have to forward through songs.
    Rarely happens. Revel when it does.