Nothing huge here... #mayerydraftsmas
  1. Stayed up for 56 hours straight.
  2. Winning a debate on assisted suicide
    I'm very competitive by nature. And thus, I love a good challenge. Being assigned to the pro-choice side of this subject I had chosen to close our argument and finished with the statement "if your pet is suffering, don't you want to do the kind thing and not have them suffer any longer? Why shouldn't the same choice be available to those you love and care about with the consciousness to make it?" I made a girl cry with this, she had just put down her dog. Victory.
  3. Running an 8 minute mile in 10th grade
    I still talk about it. I mentioned it the other day to someone who works out a lot more than I do.
  4. Never broken a bone.
  5. My high school creative writing teacher signed my year book "to the queen of harlequin romances".
    I wrote some classy but very assumptive short stories about a couple on a cruise ship going through some rocky problems that ended with it all ***fading to black***.
  6. Voted 2nd most likely to become famous in my senior class.
    Does ListApp count?
  7. If you google my name nothing will appear about me.