Inspired by the beautiful @magic.
  1. How many Reese's Cup Miniatures I've consumed
  2. A ranking order of the people who have dreamt about me by frequency
  3. How many people I've seen that I thought were people but were actually ghosts
  4. How many questions I've asked
  5. How many times I've said "thank you" to my parents
  6. Number of times I've made people laugh
  7. How many people I've confused
  8. How many lies I've told that I believed myself
  9. How many Red Bulls I've consumed
  10. Number of times I've said the word "literally"
  11. Number of times I've done something to turn a person's day around
  12. Detailed list of times people thought I was "cool"
  13. How many good situations I missed because I made a bad decision
  14. How many bad situations I've avoided because I made a good decision
  15. Top 25 most listened to songs of my life