it feels like trying to get in with the seniors when you're a freshman (and not a cool freshman either)
  1. commenting on any list more than 5d old
    I see things I have a brash desire to comment on from 2w to 22w to 42w and I feel the need to digress as to not appear too eager or "creepy" even though I have no shame and will most likely hit the send button even after a long pause of "should I? can I delete this later? do they even care about this list anymore?"
  2. posting suggestions to any list more than 5d old
    for the same reasons as above
  3. seeing lists with no likes or re-lists or comments
    deep inside of me, just a few leagues below the bitch surface, is a girl who wants to make everyone's day and just wants to like and re-list all of them because i know it feels good to have your creativity appreciated no matter how much you think it sucks but that one little tap can make someone's day
  4. posting and then deleting a list
    where does it go? why can't I make it a draft again?
  5. suddenly having major girl crush issues
    seriously though... every female that I've come across on here I've instantly fallen in love with. I admire loose tongues and sweet gestures (thanks @lenadunham) and suddenly wanting to be bffs with the baddest bitches I've come across so far (@olive, @dev, @sophia) has left me feeling awkward about how utterly uncool I am
  6. I feel awkward about feeling awkward
    welcome to me.