1. Turn pages in books I've read before.
    Like old friends, they remind me of who I used to be.
  2. Stir sugar into black coffee.
    The only sweet part of my day.
  3. Fold clothes you've never seen me wear.
    I have more than I used to. Nothing ever seems to fit me right.
  4. Gently graze the arm of a boy who will never mean anything to me.
    He doesn't know how to keep a conversation. Your arms are strong enough to hold me.
  5. Write words, in ink, on paper you'll never find.
    I don't want you to know what I'm thinking. I burn them shortly after.
  6. Scrub myself clean of all my sins.
    I'm never truly unblemished. You'll just make me filthy again.
  7. Wait.
    But I won't hold my breath.