Preconceived ideas of the forever we'll spend together.
  1. Lying on the floor
    We'll do a lot of this.
  2. Making playlists for each other
    Sometimes music can say things I cannot.
  3. That I say I'm cool with something then change my mind
    BOUND 2 happen
  4. Being around my family, a lot
    My family and I are a tight-knit bunch. He won't think it's weird how close we are and embrace it and want to be apart of it.
  5. Listening to complete albums, start to finish
    Most likely doing this on the floor.
  6. When I get sad for no reason
    It's bound to happen but he'll be supportive and let me cry it out in the bathroom. Sorry, but when you're infinitely happy a tear or two for no reason is inevitable.
  7. Letting me drive, occasionally
    I like to be in control, can't help it.
  8. That I can cook basically anything, except eggs
    Look, don't judge me. They're hard.
  9. Have our own book club
    Then have extensive discussions about it and share our favorite lines.
  10. That our love inspires me so much that I decide to write shitty poetry
    Roses are red, your eyes aren't blue, they're the color of shit, but I still love you.
  11. Watch documentaries
    Expanding our minds through biased opinions and then playing for the other side.
  12. Mediocre massages when he's had a bad day
    I can't guarantee it'll be awesome but know that it's all in the name of love.
  13. Play sex games when we go out for dinner/movies/anything
    Teasing each other until neither of us can handle it, bonus points if we have to leave early.
  14. When I hurt him unconsciously
    Sometimes I can be aloof but it isn't because I don't care about your feelings, cause trust me.. I'll make it up to you.
  15. Love notes stuffed in his pants pockets/hidden in his underwear drawer/all over the house
    It's the sweet little things tbh
  16. Handling my complex emotions