1. Snuff films/porn/fucked up shit
  2. Conspiracy theories: created, maintained and answered
  3. A compiled list of names, dates, locations, social security numbers of people who ACTUALLY started a trend
  4. Keanu Reeves' secret to being immortal
  5. Default text message to be sent to citizens when martial law goes green
  6. Order form request for the last remaining quaaludes
  7. Instructions for developing artificial intelligence to replace celebrities to continue to cash in on their image
  8. The very first "yo mama joke"
  9. The correct numbers to press on your landline to schedule an alien abduction
  10. Deleted Listapp lists
  11. Hit list for bothersome Reddit users, their bounties, place to exchange funds no questions asked
  12. Bilderberg guest list
  13. Current addresses for Elvis, Biggie, 2pac
  14. The answer to "why are we here"
    Just so you know our entire reality is a computer program and our current knowledge of the universe is what we've deciphered from the code it was written in, this gives you a better understanding why math, physics are the only thing universal in this existence. See:
  15. List of people who have sold their soul
  16. Black market eBay
  17. The phone numbers of every girl Drake has ever cared about
  18. All audits recorded from the Church of Scientology
  19. Hybrid animal wish list