Inspired by @sabrinakristine
  1. A family that still loves me even if I'm a sensitive asshole.
  2. That there's music that sucks all the emotions out of me I can't verbalize so I eventually feel better about situations I'm in.
  3. That my ex-boyfriend of fourish years started dating his new gf two days after we broke up so he finally stopped messing with me and I can move on and stop accepting a "love" that was actual bullshit.
  4. That even though crying fucked it up my make up looked on point tonight.
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  5. That I finally have the ability to verbalize my feelings, even if I still suck at it and can't do it right. Just being able to speak up at all is a huge thing for me.
  6. That I'm free of everything that's ever weighed me down.
  7. Fleeting sadness.
  8. That I'm almost 31 and am still kicking. Considering, I never even saw myself graduating from college.