A curse??? Mercury in Retrograde??? Karma????
  1. I got a flat tire
  2. On the turnpike
  3. 15 minutes after I left Pittsburgh
  4. Heading east towards my parents' house
  5. Where I was going to stay the night
  6. And then leave for NYC tomorrow
  7. To see a few of my favorite people
    And see that ListApp Live thing, I guess (or is it li.st live now??)
  8. But now I probably need a new tire
  9. Probably two
  10. And I doubt I'm going to make it and I'm screaming internally
  11. The state trooper thought I was in high scholl
  12. And was surprised I could change my own flat tire
  13. So, now I'm eating my feelings and agonizing over if I can make this happen or not
  14. And holding back my rage
  15. At least this Mac and Cheese is perfect.
  16. Thank you, Kraft, for making your Mac and Cheese delicious. I really needed you today.