Just in time to festively attend the release of The Force Awakens or for that holiday party you don't want to go to!
  1. Nothing more embarrassing than when your dad forces holiday cheer on everyone.
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  2. The only thing, besides the inside of a Tauntaun, that will keep you warm during the holidays is this sweater.
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  3. Beep boo beep.
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  4. No need to be a Sithy Scrooge this holiday season when you wear this fabulous sweater!
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  5. You better watch out. You better not cry. You better not pout, I'm telling you why. Cause otherwise Vader Claus will choke you out.
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  6. It won't matter if you've fallen and can't get up in this sweater, you'll still look great!
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  7. A merry Christmas we wish you.
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  8. *sexy droid whistle*
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  9. You've Lando'd on the nice list this year if someone gets this for you!
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  10. Darth Claus on his way to reign down terror on those Storm Troopers who have been naughty.
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  11. This is the droid sweater you've been looking for.
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  12. I will Wampa some ass if someone doesn't get me this, IMMEDIATELY.
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