FLIRTING IS HARD. Sometimes. It's even harder when you're trying to do it with someone who barely understands what the fuck you're saying.
  1. Should I use contractions?
  2. If I translate "butt of a baby" will they know what I'm talking about or make them think I'm a pedophile?
    I called him 'smooth'. He asked me if I meant smooth "like smoothy of fruit?"
  3. "You know what I mean?"
  4. What is the best kind of laugh to use?
    Haha? Lmao? Lol? Bahahahahaha?? Rofl?
  5. Should I even insert the laughter? Where?
  6. If not laughing if I throw in some !! in, will that show my enthusiasm??
  7. Is my quick wit going to work in this situation or am I going to have to get by on my looks?
  8. Do I need to be more direct?
    *Keeps fingers crossed for no*
  9. Maybe I should research his cultural flirting/mating techniques?
  10. Maybe I should start learning a new language?
  11. I'm American, so he probably thinks I'm a slut?
    I'm not... But we could discuss it.
  12. Even though he asked when I was free days ago, then asked again, and I was quick to say yes... Too overzealous?
    I should have pretended to fall asleep and answered tomorrow.
  13. He just used 🆒 as a response
  14. Probably over thinking all this?