I'm just going to leave this here.
  1. Hawaii
    Visit an active volcano, like Kilauea. Get close enough to push them in. You can also just make sure your @airbnb is close to an active lava river.
  2. Australia
    Switch their usual personal hygiene products with those that smell like meat. Spray them with pheromones that are parallel to those of a menstruating woman. Rig the cage. Push them into open waters.
  3. Switzerland
    Take them cliff diving in Brontallo. Let them go a few times to get their confidence up. Stick out your foot. Watch them tumble.
  4. Mexico
    Take them basically anywhere. Leave them for dead. Maybe hire some guys to pretend to kidnap you? Then have them leave him or take it up a notch and do (or let happen) what your conscience is ok with.
  5. Bolivia
    Take them to Tinku. It's a festival where people literally beat each other for 2-3 days. No one is going to question anything if you spill some blood and let your aggression out.
  6. Spain
    Sign up for the Running of the Bulls. Make sure they wear red. Have them tired out from sightseeing or something from the day before. Drug them and when they contest just be like, "dude, you're fine!"
  7. Las Vegas
    There are so many things you could do here. Bet their life. Escorts? Tall buildings? Seedy activities? Be creative. But make sure you see Cirque du Soleil and hit the buffet before you skip town.