Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Making someone's cup of coffee just how they like it.
    They told me a year ago, but I still remember.
  2. The silk edging on blankets.
    Roll that shit til it frays.
  3. Watching a strong bromance in real time.
  4. Being ignored by people I've considered attractive.
    Oh okay. I see how it is. Fffffffffrick.
  5. Out there dirty talk that makes me go "what?"
    "If you die, I'm putting your body in a jar so I can masturbate to it nightly."
  6. Figuring out what I want after weeks of having no idea.
    Yup. Just an example. I still have no idea.
  7. People correcting me when I'm pronouncing a word wrong.
    Mmm thanks, Dick ;)
  8. Being called "weird" when I'm feeling basic.
    Basically Original? Strangely Indistinguishable?
  9. Leonardo DiCaprio when he's putting on his greatest performance of all time: pretending to be happy for Oscar winners.