I know. I know what you're thinking. "But Amber, he went on a massive killing spree. He was in an asylum. He's fucking crazy. I don't want anything to do with this psycho." BUT HEAR ME OUT, there's a very legit reason behind his madness.
  1. At a very young age he did something heinous. I know. People make mistakes. He could've come back from this.
  2. But because of this one act he’s been a figment of research and study for the majority of his life and has never been treated like an actual human being.
  3. How is he supposed to be human if he’s never been treated like one?
  4. Even from a young age he’s been poked and prodded by a psychologist who is using him to propel his career. It’s disgusting. If anything he’s the real monster.
  5. Taking away a person’s “humanity” and stripping them down to nothing? He was 8? He had a fucking chance.
  6. And whose fault is that? Is it really that hard to imagine helping someone realize the value in human life? Was that shit too difficult for you Dr. Loomis? Are you that shitty of a doctor? Yes, you are.
  7. How is one to heal when all human interaction is the base of greed? Setting a horrible example for what still is an impressionable child? Taking instead of giving. And what he needs to be given is love.
  8. Even after all the time that passes and he goes from boy to man he still has this deep connection for his home, for his family.
  9. Sure, he’s a little unstable and easily unsettled but you can work with that by going after the deep, caring part of him.
  10. He longs to be loved and to be taken care of and have his loved received in return.
  11. Deep down, he knows how this works. He knows how to give, it’s just not in the way that people expect or necessarily want.
  12. This isn’t his fault...
  13. Aren’t we all on the look out for someone who wants what we give and gives us what we want?