1. Sudafed 24 hour
    Did not clear my sinuses, and I stayed awake all night
  2. Tylenol cold & sinus
    So nauseous on this garbage
  3. Benadryl
    Didn't do a whole lot, but I eventually fell asleep and was groggy in the morning
  4. Theraflu tea
    All green tea-based teas are terrible, but this one tasted like warm Gatorade. I've had worse.
  5. Motrin
    Helped with my headache and neck soreness. Not much else.
  6. Robitussen
    Exactly like you remember from childhood. This worked for four hours but I couldn't bring myself to take it again.
  7. Mucinex DM
    This helped me start to cough up phlegm but all the people who came into my office or talked to on the phone thought I was dying so I figured I should stop
  8. Starburst minis
    No medication seems to be working so I might as well pretend these are good for me. And eat most of the bag.