Omg My Secret Santa Is So Thoughtful

  1. Eeep!
    Her fancy handwriting and the weight of the box made me excited!!
  2. Omg
    So many treasures!! What!!!
  3. So cute
    I'm dying!
  4. Ahh!
    A jar of cranes! My name is etched on the friggin jar. This is so sweet. And strangely coincidental - I did an entire ceramics project based on cranes. Long story but I'll tell you all about it sometime and send a photo!
  5. It's like you know me!
    This is right up my alley. I LOVE cute baby animals but I also love giving people bad news :)
  6. Not one but two
    Lovely bracelets!
  7. Fancy door knobs!
    I was literally thinking about fancy door knobs yesterday and how I needed some in my life!
  8. Handmade gift tags
    I am going to use the hell out of these!
  9. Lists just for me!
  10. She made her own list template!
  11. So cute!
    It was so fun and heart warming to open these gifts! Thank you so much !!