1. Eeep!
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    Her fancy handwriting and the weight of the box made me excited!!
  2. Omg
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    So many treasures!! What!!!
  3. So cute
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    I'm dying!
  4. Ahh!
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    A jar of cranes! My name is etched on the friggin jar. This is so sweet. And strangely coincidental - I did an entire ceramics project based on cranes. Long story but I'll tell you all about it sometime and send a photo!
  5. It's like you know me!
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    This is right up my alley. I LOVE cute baby animals but I also love giving people bad news :)
  6. Not one but two
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    Lovely bracelets!
  7. Fancy door knobs!
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    I was literally thinking about fancy door knobs yesterday and how I needed some in my life!
  8. Handmade gift tags
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    I am going to use the hell out of these!
  9. Lists just for me!
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  10. She made her own list template!
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  11. So cute!
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    It was so fun and heart warming to open these gifts! Thank you so much !!