Tis the Season of Creepy Santas

Rated for creepiness
  1. Lifeless mitten-hands Santa
    The dead eyed limp wristed mitten hands Santa. He hates Christmas. He hates his job. He hates you.
  2. Loose Livin' Santa
    He might be a jaunty loose canon with a drinking problem but he seems like fun. He might lose all the presents while he's drunk sleigh riding.
  3. God complex Santa
    On the one hand, he has that sweet simple Harry and the Hendersons look in his eyes, a gentle giant. On the other hand, he is stepping outside of the normal Santa stereotype and I don't like that! He's not even wearing red. Are you planning to feed that reindeer a twig covered in lichen?!
  4. Surprise Santa
    I don't know who's more surprised! You when you find him in your room or him when you catch him seeing you when you're sleeping.
  5. Easy Rider Santa
    I can't quite put my finger on what I don't like about him. Maybe that he's flanked with tiny unassuming elves.
  6. Dead Santa
    Even though he's literally a skeleton, he looks pretty benevolent and not that creepy.