1. 5. Lost tourist who doesn't speak English well: Where is statue? Me: Which...what statue? There are MANY statues. Her: Raises right arm, clutches notebook to chest with left, to indicate the Statue of Liberty.
  2. 4. Trying to hurry down the steps to catch the R train. An athletic younger guy sees me, leaps down the stairs, and holds it for me. We cheer together through the glass doors that separate us as I pull away.
  3. 3. Tuesday 4 November 2008, 11:00pm. I was living in a mostly black part of Brooklyn. Everyone left their houses, abandoned their cars, and danced in the streets weeping with joy.
  4. 2. Getting proposed to in Washington Square Park. Alec Baldwin was walking by, and he congratulated us.
  5. 1. Being handed keys to my newly-purchased apartment.