These are more college-specific, but hopefully there are some bits everyone can take away from my mature, seasoned 20 years of life experience
  1. Find something to believe in
    God(s), yourself, the universe, nature, whatever. Find that one thing, hold on to it, and fall back on it when you need support
  2. Get a job ASAP
    Start earning your keep, however little you may actually earn. It teaches you responsibility and forces you to schedule your life-aka adult things
  3. Stop thinking you know everything
    I know. I was the same way. But the sooner you learn you're stupid about real life, the sooner you'll actually learn something
  4. Embrace your nerdy passion
    Because you find out there are more people like you than you think
  5. Know your habits and tendencies...
    Like how you make friends, how you study, your general living routine.
  6. Don't be afraid to change
    Your major is not set in stone. Interests change. People grow. You are a flower, not a rock.
  7. Every once in a while, pick one thing that breaks out of your comfort zone
    As a pretty staunch introvert, I have found these small blurbs of excitement to be exhilarating and surprising amazing. You won't be sorry, I promise.