It's had to make a nickname out of a name like Amber. I give my friends and family props for trying
  1. A
    What my mom calls me when she's texting my dad, because it's too hard to type out those for extra letters
  2. Hamburger/Hamburglar
    What made me miserable during my late elementary school years
  3. Ambbie
    Thankfully fairly short lived
  4. The Great Ambino
  5. Ambo
    What my friends in high school called me and still call me today.
  6. Ombré
    Since the start of college. One of my best friends wrote it on my name tag and our new athletic bands director thought it was my actual name... We got a good laugh out of that one
  7. Sir Ombré of Smarts
  8. Queen of the Cardigans
    My collection is quite extensive
  9. Not Hermoine
    A long-winded inside joke between my friends and I