1. My dad's side of the family loves baseball, and no one more than my (great) uncle Gene.
  2. He always had baseball on the tv at the bowling alley he owned.
    Basically a baseball game on tv, of any level, would trump any other sport currently playing. Even replays of games.
  3. He coached the local legion teams in my town for 15 years. And they were good.
    All while obsessively caring for the 3 fields in the area. I don't think I've ever seen fields so meticulously trimmed in my life, especially in a rural area like ours.
  4. And he was a Cubs fan.
  5. His dream was to see his favorite team even reach the World Series.
  6. Unfortunately, he passes away from rapidly progressing lung cancer the fall of my freshman year of college.
  7. But now, his Cubs did it. They won.
  8. Clearly, this is all his doing.
    It helps when you've got an in with the big guy.
  9. Congrats Uncle Geno, your dream came true!