This is as painful for me as it will be for you
  1. β€’
    circa spring 2009
    My first ever profile pic. Pretty sure this photo made me the coolest 7th grader on the block (or so I thought).
  2. β€’
    circa fall 2009
    Showing off my chill "pre-show musical prep" vibe. No better way to draw people in than looking like a giant pot scrubber. Also known as the summer my hair went to hell in a hand basket and I needed to hack it off.
  3. β€’
    circa winter 2009
    I went to DQ with my makeup on post-show. I was soo cool and arty. I promise I actually wasn't paying attention when this photo was taken. There is still no reason why I should have used this photo
  4. β€’
    circa early summer 2010
    If you look closely, I am the one person falling off the immobile tube like the graceful butterfly I am.
  5. β€’
    circa winter 2011
    I actually like this photo. Kinda cheesy, but I love performing and I think this photo is boss 🎀🎢 Also you can see the pre-braces gap in my teeth where my canine grew out of the middle of the roof of my mouth
  6. β€’
    circa summer 2011
    Cringe. If you never had an overly edited arty portrait as one of your profile pics, were you even a teenage wanna be photographer? πŸ“·
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    circa spring 2013
    Half of my photos are from various proms and homecomings over my four years of high school. This was junior prom. Awkward. Braces. Poorly fitting strapless dress. Swag
  8. β€’
    circa fall 2013
    Senior homecoming. My face: an attempt to smile with teeth apart. Look guys, I can have fun! Note the floating hand coming from the cropped out body of my statuesque little brother
  9. β€’
    circa winter 2014
    Conference one act. 10 points if you can guess what play we did. πŸ‘§πŸΆπŸ‘ Once again, the floating arm of my statuesque little flying monkey-brother complete with black nail polish
  10. β€’
    circa spring 2014
    Senior Prom. I look damn good. πŸ’ One of the few non-horrendous ones
  11. β€’
    circa summer 2014
    An old photo from Christmas-New years. The bow adds a nice air of whimsy. My attempt to be carefree. (Note, I failed)
  12. β€’
    circa- current
    My first attempt at a a TRUE selfie. Meh. Showing off my new glasses and rocking the cool-nerd vibe. I need help!
  13. β€’
    They're not as awful as they could be.
  14. β€’
    I thank my lucky stars for that