Aka my birthday. Also the day I have three finals in a row. Also the day from hell and the absolute worst day of my life.
  1. 6:45am-Wake up
    Partially from gut wrenching anxiety and partially to make sure I have all my shit together for this day from hell.
  2. 6:55am-Throw on some clothes
    Cleanliness option. Comfort necessary
  3. 7:05am-breakfast
    Scramble an egg in the microwave. Mix in cheese. Place in tortilla. Try not to throw it up.
  4. 7:20am-pack
    Three textbooks. Two "real" book. Two blue exam books. A bazillion handouts. Pencils. Paper. Nature valley honey n' oats crunch bar. My sanity
  5. 7:35am: Bundle up for my walk to my first test
    I'll look like a marshmallow had a baby with the abominal snowman, but hey, at least I'll be warm!
  6. 8am: First Test-Media Writing Lab
    Write out exam; a fire story in inverted pyramid style, a radio broadcast, and a press release. Also, Mr. Whye should be proud I wrote the time in correct AP format. No :00. If I learned on thing from this class, it will be that.
  7. 10am: Second Test-American Literature from 1866-Present
    A two part exam that requires not one, but TWO blue exam books. Joyous day. Write the shit out of modernism, postmodernism, Gloria Anzaldùa and Edith Wharton. (Also more proof that I paid attention in media writing lab. Because AP is stupid and doesn't use the Oxford comma)
  8. 12pm: Inhale aforementioned nature valley bar
  9. 12:30pm: Final Exam-Media Writing Lecture
    A multiple choice grammar test. Which will be super easy, because it's open book and I have over 100% in the class at this point.
  10. 2:30: Cry tears of joy
  11. 2:45pm: Wipe away said tears because I have to go to work.
    Granted all I do is sit at a desk and watch movies for 7 hours unless someone needs IT support (which is unlikely as all exams in that building will be done by that point), but not exactly the way I want to spend my 20th birthday.