Inspired by @nwornhoff
  1. Images that come up when I type Amber Emanuel into image search...
  2. 1st image. A photo from my senior year one act. I'm not in the picture
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  3. 2nd image. Still not me, but I'll take it
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  4. 4th image. Some random people
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  5. A little farther down (about 7th). Music artist Amber Rose as a Pantone color palette 🎨
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    Or a keyboard?!
  6. Below that, a random 20th century painting
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  7. Rahm Emmanuel??
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    I get it....
  8. I hope it's at least a cool mountain
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  9. I like food
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  10. An awkward movie still of a feel up?
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  11. Not impressed. So, I type in Amber Emanuel Hartington (my home town) in hopes for a better turn out
  12. 2nd. My brother's senior cross country photo
    C51e729a c4fc 4c44 8bf4 f98d30f16d6d
    ...still disappointed that I haven't found me yet, but getting closer. At least we're in the same gene pool now
  13. Seriously!?!? Again?!?!
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  14. Finally!! Look ma!
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