1. So, Obama's coming to Omaha to give a speech on our amazingly low unemployment rate tomorrow
  2. And he's speaking at Baxter Arena
    The University of Nebraska at Omaha's brand new fancy arena.
  3. I'm in the Maverick Machine
    The pep band. One of several music ensembles I'm in, but that's beside the point :)
  4. And we've been "on standby" to play for the speech since Saturday night.
  5. After hearing next to nothing
  6. And giving the secret service my SSN to make sure I'm not going to try any funny business
  7. And making too many thanks Obama jokes
    Among others
  8. And thinking tonight at rehearsal that we probably weren't going to play
    But being told we were still "on standby"
  9. We just got the green light
  10. AT FREAKING 12:10 AM!!!!!
  11. Thanks Obama👌
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  12. And even though I may not agree with all of his politics, I feel honored to be able to play for the POTUS
  13. But next time, maybe give us a little more warning?
  14. Like, more than 12 hours?
  15. Thanks
  16. P.S. But I do appreciate you canceling my third day of classes :)