1. When I was a child, I was notorious for coming up with random stories
    I blame my mother, for infecting my mind with so many of those books
  2. I started so many different stories through my adolescent and teenage years
  3. Some were okay. Others were cringe inducing
    My tween year novels were especially melodramatic and full of cheesy goodness
  4. I also illustrated every single page I wrote
    They're quite...something. But that's another list for another day
  5. Recently, my mom unearthed what I think is my first story ever written
  6. She sent me pictures the other day, when I was trying to come up with memories from my experiences reading and writing for a paper I have to write for Creative Nonfiction
  7. World, I give to you...
  8. The Time The Princess Got Caught By the Bad King Frowny Face
  9. We think I was about 3 at the time
  10. I wrote my b backwards in my name
    Apparently I had this crazy ability to write in perfect mirror image when I was super young
  11. I apologize to my princess for making her look vaguely amphibian-like
  12. Clearly writing was a little too much and I gave up after one line
  13. But low and behold, I was not done
  14. Apparently, I dictated my story to my mom to write down
  15. 😂
  16. I was a thorough child
    I don't think I left one thing off that party planning list
  17. So many questions
  18. Who is Tina? Where did I get that name from? And why did I have the urge to name my princess that?
  19. Who is prince Tim? Is he nice? Why was it so urgent Tina get to his castle immediately on her birthday?
  20. Who is the Bad King Frowny Face? Why was he bad? Why was he frowny? How did he capture princess Tina?
  21. I am very disappointed that three year old me didn't care enough about her future readers to finish the story
    Talk about a cliffhanger ending