I'm doing my intermediate practicum in an urban magnet school 7th grade English classroom. It makes for lovely mornings.
  1. "How do you not know what you gotta do? She drew a diaphragm up on there for you."
    He meant diagram
  2. "Hey Ms. E, you 30?" *I tell her I'm 20* "Well you pretty anyway."
    Thank you?
  3. "You don't wanna work with us. We're nuts!""Oh no, you guys aren't bad at all!""Don't say we didn't warn you."
    Duly noted
  4. "Hey Tyquan, the barber called and he said your hairline is ridiculous."
    What does that even mean?
  5. "Miss, do you get your eyebrows done or they always like that?" *tells her my eyebrows are very much natural* "Them eyebrows on fleek."
    You can't make this stuff up
  6. "What are these?" "Clementines." "Clementines? I thought these's called Cuties!"