1. Get naked? Sure, why not? I'm comfortable with my body.
  2. This is nice.
  3. These towels are super soft. I wanna steal one.
  4. Wait, was I suppose to get naked? I don't remember what she said now
  5. I feel like I've been laying here for a while. Was I suppose to let her know I was ready?
  6. Just relax and listen to the song they're playing.
  7. Did I remember to put on deodorant?
  8. Yep, we're good
  9. Okay, she's been gone forever. Maybe I should text mom to tell her I'm ready?
  10. I think the door handle just jiggled.
  11. False alarm
  12. Do they have the same song on repeat?
  13. Yes, yes they do
  14. There she is!
  15. I should have peed before I get undressed.
  16. Those loofah gloves feel absolutely ridiculous...I kinda like it
  17. Okay now that tickles my calves.
  18. If I bite into this pillow hard enough I won't be able to laugh
  19. This is a lot harder than I thought
  20. Is it weird to make eye contact with her?
  21. Should I close my eyes?
  22. I'm just going to stare at this tile over here while you sensually scrub my elbow
  23. This song though
  24. How am I gonna flip over without flashing her?
  25. Is that sugar grapefruit scented? Yes please
  26. I hope she doesn't notice my leg twitching while she rubs it. That would be awkward.
  27. I could totally fall asleep right now
  28. Never mind now I really have to pee
  29. It's already time to rinse off?
  30. I smell like an amazing citrusy bouquet
  31. Time to get dressed?
  32. Should I take a selfie?
  33. I'm not gonna be one of those girls who's super vain and takes a selfie.
  34. I'm gonna take a selfie