I'm only 20 and happily single. Children have no filter
  1. *referencing Derek Jeter's appearance in a children's book* "Don't you wish he was your boyfriend? I'll get him for you."
  2. "Who are you mom to?" "Oh, no one." "But you're old."
  3. "But you're so pretty! I'll marry you!"
  4. "Do you have a boyfriend? That's okay, I'll just get you one from China. They always have enough for everyone."
    Adorable? Racist? A little of both?
  5. "Don't worry! I'll find you a boyfriend after I get married!"
    I'm glad my love life is in the hands of a four-year-old
  6. ...if men were as interested in my love life as the under-7 crowd, I'd be golden