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  1. Me and two strangers bonding at a concert
    That's what music is about
  2. This is two years old but it's after I got new make-up and started to truly embrace my hair (thanks to my sister)
    It's cool to feel both beautiful and yourself
  3. Same day as the previous, I think this picture shows off how beautiful Katie is so I've never deleted it
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I never imagined I'd have such true friends that want to make life easier and more pleasant for each other no matter what. They are constantly validating, listening and helping.
  1. They've helped me work through my emotions and realize my self-respect during a hard break-up.
    Realizing what you deserve can be hard but when there are people right in front of you setting the standard and making you feel accepted and appreciated, it does wonders. I can almost see through the fog of self-loathing.
  2. My (amazing) roommates moved out but opened their beds to me so I wouldn't have to be lonely for the entire week
    Being alone is good for me. But an entire week brings too much reflection and that worthlessness feeling. Just having people say, "your presence matters." is something we all could use more of.
  3. Tina helped me pack, load a car, took a ride with me all the way to Chelsea, engaged in banter with the driver, and helped me load my things up portable stairs and into a storage unit.
    All because she had nothing to do. I do not deserve this girl. I wanna buy her 1000 cans of Pringles and have 50 dinner diners with her.
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My year was so much more than this. (In fact I think I'll do this every month from now on) @ListPrompts
  1. January 20
    I could post so many photos from this month. Started dating this real life shooting star. I didn't see us coming but my life has changed for the better. This is from our second date. One year this month ^_^
  2. February 1
    First night me and Meena kicked it back with only us and big girl drinks. I woke up with tribal paint all over me. I knew she was to stay after this.
  3. March 18
    We made a fort and brownies and this really was one of my favorite nights of my life
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  1. You just don't get used to something like Christmas in New York. Love my city ✨
  2. We walked around and took photos with cops
  3. Sis and I in our Christmas PJs
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