1. You just don't get used to something like Christmas in New York. Love my city ✨
  2. We walked around and took photos with cops
  3. Sis and I in our Christmas PJs
  4. Some beautiful women who make me laugh
  5. Fulfilling a promise we made two years ago
  6. Ken's birthday card to me
  7. And this is the back
  8. Happy tears
  9. Sweet boy finally upgraded
  10. Twas our first Christmas together
  11. My best wrapping to date
  12. 1. I wanted that lotion for so long 2. She color coated my gifts
  13. I'm not kidding
  14. My favorite gifts are the ones I will be able to look at everyday and be reminded I'm loved. This bracelet means a lot.
  15. J9s holiday treats and decorations are my favorite
  16. I may have turned 21 or sumfin (tolerance much to low for this)
  17. My sister had my friends write cards at my half birthday for me to open on my actual birthday.
  18. This is her boyfriend's handiwork (I smiled)
  19. Our favorite boys (also her boyfriend's handiwork)
  20. My first legal drink
  21. Hardwood gingerbread stout
  22. Little lady bud snuggled in bed with us
  23. All da cuddles
  24. Lucky to have his family in my life
  25. And him?
  26. Concluding with our cute Christmas pup