Selfies that I'm glad I took then, now

  1. Me and two strangers bonding at a concert
    That's what music is about
  2. This is two years old but it's after I got new make-up and started to truly embrace my hair (thanks to my sister)
    It's cool to feel both beautiful and yourself
  3. Same day as the previous, I think this picture shows off how beautiful Katie is so I've never deleted it
  4. I'm still in that 'getting to know you' stage with my smile so I don't teeth smile much. Sometimes you just can't contain it. I love these guys!
    They drove me 5 1/2 hours up to NY for school
  5. This is just gold. My favorite time of the year: Halloween 2015.
  6. Dan Flavin is one of my favorite artists. The atmosphere he has the ability to create is beyond a human talent. Honored it served as a sick filter
  7. I'll bring myself to delete this one day maybe but it'll always be a selfie I'm glad I took.
    We were so happy
  8. Not sure where Asana is? But it felt really nice to have people I love get together in honor of my birthday n stuff. It's something I always feel uncomfortable doing but this meant a lot.
  9. LOVE this robe
  10. Just a lot of happiness in one selfie with two of my favorite people
    And Tina 😍
  11. She's beautiful and this shows our love
  12. Same but this time my lipstick matches my shirt and that's pretty spicy for me
  13. One of my favorite shirts and my hair did something nice it'll never do again
  14. We splashed our faces with glitter and he's so hot