I've seen this movie so many times...
  1. Freaks and Geeks should have had more episodes
  2. I wonder if the actors really hang out with each other
  3. The club scene is epic
    "let me see ya hips swing!"
  4. Is it weird for Judd Apatow to direct his family?
    This pic is so cute
  5. Is it weird for Paul Rudd to pretend to be Judd Apatow (in a sense)?
    I don't think so but it makes you wonder....
  6. James Franco!
    "This better not be an episode of prankd" (wasn't @bjnovak in prank'd?)
  7. I'm glad birth control is free
    So many babies in the waiting room
  8. No fucking way it's @bjnovak !!!
    "Are you single?"
  9. Ooo it's Craig Robinson!
  10. I never noticed Kristin Wiig in this either?
    I seriously need to go to sleep...