From sheer boredom to #blessed
  1. Field trip nostalgia
    The feeling that even though it's technically still a work day, you're kind of off the hook because all you have to do is hang out and listen.
  2. Caffeine-fueled focus
    You are prepared to devour knowledge, the sheer volume of which cannot even be comprehended. As you suck back hotel coffee you know that nothing will escape your powerful mind's grasp.
  3. Feelings of inadequacy
    You listen to the professionally adept presenters and feel a little overwhelmed but mostly not too bad about it.
  4. The joy of free food
    You thank the heavens for bestowing free food upon you and lifting the duty of providing sustenance for yourself. You leave the buffet feeling blessed or #bufflessed
  5. Food-induced lethargy
    The buffets betray you and you have to use every atom in your body to fight to stay awake. Usually failing.
  6. Forced networking anxiety
    Not sure how much longer you can sustain small talk about your day job with strangers, you make multiple trips to the bathroom for a moment of relief. The escape is worth strangers suspecting you have bowel issues.
  7. Getting done before 5 euphoria
    Nuff said.