1. Blue Hill Stone Bars
    The best meal of 2015. Everything was perfect. Charcoal ravioli, mushroom burgers, venison ... Perfect.
  2. Dirty French
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    The duck and the beignets are worth going back for. Still need to try the chicken and crepes.
  3. Cheeky's Sandwiches
    The fried chicken biscuit is a staple, but they had a special banana bread pudding one day that I ask for every time I go back and they've never had it since. It was insane.
  4. Emily
    Most recent journey with @kateseward. The pizza was good, but the burger was #1.
  5. Everyman Espresso
    Adding this because I had what is still to this day the BEST almond milk latte I've ever had in my life. I still think about it. I don't know what the fuck they're doing back there but I was deeply affected by this drink.
  6. Ramona
    All their classic cocktails that were also at Elsa (RIP) are still great, but The New Partner is a promising up & comer and by that I mean probably the best cocktail in Northern Brooklyn. If I weren't avoiding someone in Greenpoint I'd be there more frequently.
  7. Peter Pan Dougnut
    The plain sour cream doughnut and coffee number among the very few things that got me out of bed before 8:00AM this year. Also it's so cheap here.
  8. Ample Hills Ice Cream
    Everything mostly.
  9. Al di La
    Probably the best pasta I ate this year.
  10. Primo's
    Second best meal of 2015 and hot contender for my favorite restaurant beating out another Maine native, Fore Street. The best fried chicken I've ever had and incredible foie gras platter.
  11. Fore Street
    Fore Street still makes the list because of their raw bar and ramp ravioli.
  12. Miss Lily's
    I love Miss Lily's. The wings and corn are musts. The Houston location doesn't have the frozen Dark & Stormy, but 7A does. Also just had their banana pudding for the first time and it's AWESOME.
  13. Alder
    The burger. RIP to a true player.
  14. Whitman's
    The PB&B Burger, which is obviously Peanut Butter & Bacon was SO GOOD. I can actually feel my arteries tensing as I think about it, but it was the most surprisingly balanced combination of flavors. Also they have great fried pickles and bleu cheese fries.
  15. Larsen's Fish Market
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    This was the best lobster roll I had during my time in Martha's Vineyard. It came with this view and I was okay with it
  16. Pies n Thighs
    A lot of people complain about the chicken and biscuit here because it's "just a cutlet" but I like it and their biscuits are dope. Also their biscuits and gravy are awesome and their banana cream pie. Win all around.
  17. Mission Chinese Food
    This was actually the best pizza I had this year. It's sooooo good. Also the green tea noodles and beef brisket and broccoli are amazing.
  18. Montana's Trail House
    I feel like this list reflects just how poor my eating habits are/made me realize how much fried chicken I inexplicably eat, BUT, the chicken biscuit here is actually the best. I also had a great grilled banana bread.
  19. ABC Cocina
    I like going here because I feel like I'm in a Nancy Meyers movie, but the Hen of the Woods dish and their sodas are awesome.
  20. Oiji
    Honey butter chips
  21. Little Cupcake Bake
    Their PB&J cupcake is my favorite and they make a great banana pudding which is VERY important to me.
  22. Morgenstern's
    I've always been a big fan of Morgenstern's and as my loyalty card can attest, I go frequently. The best of 2015 was definitely when I went for breakfast and got the avocado ice cream toast.
  23. Little Prince
    Their short rib hash & toasts are great and I just love being there.
  24. Paulie Gee's
    I love their Bee Sting Pizza. Mike's Hot Honey 4 life.
  25. Santina
    Everything was great here, but the tortellini was the BEST. It's the same they serve at Carbone and it's magic.
  26. Mission Cantina
    They just changed the menu and added some Danny Bowien-ed Asian-American dishes. The wings here have always been my favorite and they revamped them and they're actually better than before. Also had the General Tso's chicken which was great. I think this is my last meal of 2015 except for the half of Levain chocolate chip walnut cookie I have waiting for me at home. What. A. Year.