1. Parquet floors
  2. "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"
  3. Levain Cookies
  4. My bank account
  5. How much I hate Jane Austen
    Actually slightly related and the work I am most currently avoiding
  6. A life without the Nineteenth Century novel
    See: Jane Austen
  7. Black Holes
  8. If I'm going to buy the same foundation again
    Or if I will continue my pattern of finishing a foundation, deciding it "just doesn't do it for me," buying a new foundation I think is "the one" and then ultimately abandoning that as well.
  9. Coffee
  10. The worst thing that could be on my browser history when I die
  11. What my life will be like when I graduate college
    /if I graduate college pending these finals I am avoiding
  12. The best burger in New York and whether or not I've found it
    Or if I will EVER find it
  13. World Peace
  14. The world's peas
  15. Food puns
  16. Dropping out of college, moving to Portland (Oregon or Maine), and dying my hair blonde
  17. If a tree falls in the woods...