things + activities I love that annoy my friends + family
  1. acai bowls || love to eat, prefer to photograph
  2. instagram || I knew I had an addiction when my dad requested "no posts for likes" on his birthday. recent focus on my profile - aspiring to turn my apartment into an anthropologie display
  3. all things fitness related || talking about it + photographing it. how could I resist taking a picture in this unreal studio?! see post above re: instagram
  4. crow pose || far from a yogi, but desperately trying to master this pose. it has taken me months of practice (along with face plants, bruises + ridicule). photo is the first time I held it for 3 seconds - now I can do 30!
  5. music repetition || watch out when I find a song I love - specifically it girl by jason derulo. I listen to this at the gym, on my way to work, at work, way home from work, cooking dinner + in my dreams. I often get requests from loved ones to not play it at events.
  6. child singers || to compensate for my lack of (but strong desire to have) vocal talent. I am known to ask (force) my friends + family to watch + re-watch youtube videos of phenomenal child vocalists
  7. chick flicks || I do not share my netflix password solely because my "recommended for amy" is nothing to be proud of. this section will always be comprised of 3 things: romantic comedies, home improvement shows + baking competitions.