These are those amazing often made for tv ( so not something like Love Actually or While You Were Sleeping) gems that everyone secretly looks forward to every year. Some I've seen. Some I've not. But my goal is to watch them all. Comment if there's some I'm missing!!!!
  1. 12 Dates of Christmas
    Amy Smart. Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Christmas groundhog if you will. Kate had 12 chances to get one magical Christmas date right.
  2. A Christmas Kiss
    A girl has a magic Christmas kiss with a man in an elevator only to find out he's her boss's boyfriend !!! Highly Recommend. Brendan Fehr has had my heart since his Roswell days.
  3. All I Wants for Christmas
    Selfish son wants Mom to get remarried for Christmas.
  4. Christmas Bounty
    Main character is a "former bounty hunter turned elementary school teacher."
  5. Holidaze
    I've not seen this one but according to the description this woman falls and ends up in an alternate universe!!! Alternate universe/ flashbacks are always my favorite speciality episodes so I'm pumped.
  6. Dear Santa
    A woman finds a letter from Santa by a little girl who wants a new wife for her dad. I assume shenanigans and heart warming gestures ensue.
  7. Christmas Town
    Workaholic Mom gets sent to a Christmas town. I'm concerned about the romance due to lack of romantic tension pictures in Netflix preview.
  8. Christmas Crush
    A girl for some reason attends her high school reunion which for some reason is at Christmas. She is given a second chance at love with her old boyfriend.
  9. Marry Me for Christmas
    Classic formula: otherwise successful women needs man to pose as fiancé for her demanding family. I seriously can't wait!!
  10. Small Town Santa
    A local sherif lacking holiday spirit makes a grinch like arrest of a "home intruder." Starring Dean Cain aka Superman.
  11. Coming Home For Christmas
    Two estranged sisters want to bring their family together by having Christmas at their old house. But someone else lives there! Preview screenshots show playful piggyback rides and a possible love reveal on stage somewhere ( school talent show)?
  12. Holiday Engagement
    The fake fiancé strikes again!
  13. Holiday in Handcuffs
    Classic Melissa Joan Hart coupled with the ever dreamy Mario Lopez. Breaking News: This is no longer on Netflix and we are being robbed. Fingers crossed Netflix brings it back for December !!!