1. When both me and that middle aged dad found the large selection at Yogurtland overwhelming
  2. When me and that couple on their date night were all brave enough to try the new monthly flavor at Yogurtland
    Yogurtland is the perfect place to make new friends. I think this couple would've adopted me.
  3. When the older gentleman also in boarding group 2 sympathized with me over our delayed flight and strongly identified with my "Don't quit your daydream" tee
    He is also the first person to ever take the time to ask me what my daydream is
  4. When everyone sitting next to me in row 28 cried out in disappointment as my laptop ran out of battery 20 minutes before the conclusion of Armageddon
    Yes, Armageddon. No, it wasn't 1998. No, I didn't have subtitles on.
  5. When I caught the eye of the car in the next lane giving the same "What were they thinking??" gestures and shocked faces as that idiot driver cut us off while crossing four lanes at once
  6. When the sales clerk walking by stopped to freak out with me over "Freaks and Geeks"
    And gave me a discount too!
  7. When me and the pregnant surrogate mother of someone else's baby were both over waiting so long in the post office passport line
    She was going on a cruise to Mexico after the birth
  8. When me and the pizza delivery guy had the same taste in shoes