The most crushworthy P.G. Wodehouse character (sorry, Jeeves)
  1. Interminable fop
  2. Extremely florid and loquacious
    Garrulous, even.
  3. Aunt Dahlia
    Where do you think he gets it from?
  4. Generous use of onomatopoeia
  5. Knowing who Hugh Laurie was long before general U.S. population
  6. When relatives (esp. Aunt Dahlia) address him as Bertram
  7. Stiff upper lip
  8. Creative impersonal pronoun use
  9. Constant but lighthearted air of offense
  10. Lots of money
  11. Total word for word recall of great works of English literature
  12. Abbreviates every single w. with one letter only
    (outpaces even Holden Caulfield in this regard)
  13. Jeeves