It's pretty cute...until it happens to YOU!
  1. Low energy alcoholic
    What my best friend Marina said when searching for the term "high functioning alcoholic."
  2. Frisbo Disky
    Immediately followed by "I mean, disco frisbee!" What my friend Chris came up with when racking his brain for the words "frisbee golf."
  3. Jah-sawn Sag-al
    Jason Segel, as pronounced by my friend Hilary when reading his name off a billboard.
  4. Taco Twins
    A (much better?) name that you can use for the Cocteau Twins when their real name slips your mind. Courtesy of my friend Luren.
  5. Misled
    Pronounced 'mize-uld.' A word, separate from misled, with a similar but more sinister meaning. Until his early 20's, my father thought this was a separate word from misled, and unwittingly but cruelly transferred the misunderstanding to me by using both words in subtly different contexts and never clarifying that 'mize-uld' doesn't actually exist.