This is the most embarrassing list I have ever made. I had the weirdest childhood. This is going to be hilarious. So growing up we mostly listened to "Christian music" and some "secular music" but that was very carefully selected. So we listened to the same albums constantly.
  1. What's new pussycat -Tom Jones this is the first thing that I thought of and I'm So. Sorry.
  2. Bed of Rose's - the Statler Brothers I have no idea how this one slipped in but I completely loved it. I remember the first time I listened to and realized it was about prostitutes. 😳 nice screening there parents 😒
  3. Kokomo - The Beach Boys do you guys see a theme here? 😬I have no idea what my parents were thinking. This is so weird.
  4. His hand in mine - Elvis Presley I listen to this occasionally and it's such a flashback to being a kid
  5. Tie me kangaroo down sport - Rolf Harris Could this list /be/ any more embarrassing?
  6. Please verify this @tastywaffles
    I can't bare this alone